Mentorship Wall of Fame

For a $25 donation to the SAWH’s 50th Anniversary Fund, you can name one or more of your mentors to our Mentorship Wall of Fame. The sample version above uses the names of our first 49 presidents, with some names randomly chosen to be repeated more often than others, resulting in the larger fonts.

The question is, Who will appear on the final 50th Anniversary Mentorship Wall of Fame?, which we’ll unveil at the SHA in 2020 and host in perpetuity on this site. And which names will be submitted most often, resulting in the highest visibility? It’s a friendly little contest and a great way to pay it forward for the SAWH’s future while thanking the mentors who have done so much for you.

To donate, complete the form below and click Submit. Donations must be received by October 15, 2020 for mentors’ names to be included on our Wall of Fame! Questions? Check out our FAQ.