The Southern Association for Women Historians (SAWH) supports the study of women’s and gender history of the American South. The organization welcomes as members all who are interested in these fields, and we value individuals and their differences including race, economic status, gender expression and identity, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, first language, religion, age, and ability status. The SAWH especially appreciates the work of public historians, archivists, independent scholars, and those in alt-academic positions, in addition to those teaching in colleges and universities. Although most SAWH members study the South, whether from within or beyond the region, the organization also encourages historians in any field of study who live in the southern states to find a home and support network within the SAWH

The SAWH is a completely volunteer-run organization! We welcome new volunteers from our membership to serve as officers, committee members, and editors. Please fill out our Volunteer Form.