2020 SAWH Address and Awards Program, featuring Jacquelyn Dowd Hall’s address, “Writing a Way Home: A Life in Southern and Women’s History.”

50th Anniversary Wall of Fame

“…[they] encouraged me professionally, mentoring me as a junior scholar when I was at home with three children, under-employed as a long term adjunct, and deeply needed encouragement to believe in myself as having a place in the profession.”

— Constance B. Schulz, Distinguished Professor Emerita,
Department of History, University of South Carolina

As Connie Schulz’s tribute reminds us, mentorship is what the SAWH is all about.

So, for our 50th Anniversary, we present the SAWH’s Mentorship Wall of Fame!  (Hover over any name to magnify it).

Click here for larger view.

This visualization reflects the contributions of more than 50 members and friends of the SAWH who donated $25 (or more) for the privilege of naming one or more of their mentors to our “wall.” We made it a bit of a competition by promising that those nominated most often would appear in the largest fonts. Thanks to all who contributed, raising more than $1700 for the organization’s future!

Mentors Included in Wall of Fame (in alphabetical order):

Cindy Aron
Edward Ayers
Carol Berkin
Ira Berlin
Carol Bleser
John Boles
Elsa Barkley Brown
Sandra Van Burkleo
Robert M. Calhoon
Jane Turner Censer
Catherine Clinton
Patty Cooper
Jan Dawson
Laura Edwards
Drew Gilpin Faust
Corinne Field
Estelle B. Freedman
Glenda Gilmore
Lorri Glover
Doris Kearns Goodwin
Nancy Grayson
Gay Gullickson
Sally Hadden
Jacquelyn Dowd Hall
Sharon Harley
J. William Harris
Jane De Hart
Nancy Hewitt
Darlene Clark Hine
Tera Hunter
Kenneth T. Jackson
Elizabeth Jacoway
Cherisse Jones-Branch
Linda K. Kerber
Kathi Kern
Cynthia Kierner
Martha King
Suzanne Lebsock
Connie Lester
Lawrence Levine
Jan Ellen Lewis
Donald Matthews
Amy Thompson McCandless
Barbara Melosh
Gail Murray
Michael O’Malley
Allison Olson
Josephine Pacheco
Elizabeth Payne
Jane Pease
Theda Perdue
Jennifer Ritterhouse
Willie Lee Rose
Roy Rosenzweig
Jacqueline Rouse
Judith Kelleher Schafer
Anne Firor Scott
Rebecca Sharpless
Megan Shockley
Constance Schulz
Sheila Skemp
Diane Miller Sommerville
Marjorie J. Spruill
Patricia Sullivan
Martha Swain
Ellen Todd
Elizabeth Hayes Turner
Sandra Treadway
Susannah Ural
Elizabeth Varon
Melissa Walker
Deborah Gray White
LeeAnn Whites
Lou Faulkner Williams
Bertram Wyatt-Brown
Rosemarie Zagarri

Donors who contributed to the Mentorship Wall of Fame:

Janet Allured
Susan Ashmore
Emily Bingham
Melissa Blair
Angela Boswell
Jessica Brannon-Wranosky
Martha Jane Brazy
Erin Bush
Sarah Case
Kat Charron
Catherine Clinton
Natanya Duncan
Mary Farmer-Kaiser
Lisa Francavilla
Andrew Frank
Lisa Tendrich Frank
Shannon Frystak
Alexandra Garrett
Lorri Glover
Melanie Goan
Michelle Haberland
Jacquelyn Dowd Hall
Francoise Hamlin
Leslie Harris
Nancy Hewitt
Randolph Hollingsworth
Andy Horowitz
Sheri Huerta
Tammy Ingram
Bethany Johnson
Jonathan Jones
Cherisse Jones-Branch
Kelly Kennington
Martha King
Karen Leathem
Adriane Lentz-Smith
Meredith May
Melissa McEuen
Diane Miller Sommerville
LaShonda Mims
Cecelia Moore
Robin Morris
Claire Nelson
Cynthia Patterson
Danielle Phillips-Cunningham
Natalie Ring
Jennifer Ritterhouse
Justin Rogers
Stephanie Rolph
Constance Schulz
Marie Jenkins Schwartz
Anastatia Sims
Sheila Skemp
Amy Taylor
Sandy Treadway
Carole Troxler
Elizabeth Hayer Turner
Rebecca Tuuri
Melissa Walker
Kirsten Wood

Want your own static copy of the Mentorship Wall of Fame? Download here.