Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to nominate SAWH presidents/officeholders? Can I only nominate people who work on the South and/or women, gender, and sexuality? Can I nominate someone who mentored me informally, not just my dissertation adviser? Can I nominate a non-historian? Can I nominate a guy?

A. We welcome all nominations and appreciate all mentors who have been meaningful to members and friends of the SAWH.

Q. Is there a minimum donation per nomination?

A. A single $25 donation allows you to submit as many names as you want to the Wall of the Fame. Depending on how many people are nominated in total, the visibility of a person nominated only once or twice may not be very high, but the web page that hosts the Wall will also include an alphabetical list of all nominees so that every mentor will be recognized equally in a list of names.

Q. Will mentors be able to tell who nominated them to the Wall of Fame?

A. Wall of Fame nominations will not be directly attributed to individual donors, but the Wall of Fame web page will include a list of everyone who nominated someone, with thanks for their donations to the SAWH.

Q. Does the dollar value attached to nominations matter to my mentor’s prominence on the Wall, or is it the total number of nominations?

A. It is the number of nominations, not the dollar value, that determines how prominently any person’s name is displayed. Remember, a $25 donation allows you to nominate more than one person.

Q. Can I solicit nominations/contributions from people who also value my mentor but are not themselves SAWH members?

A. Absolutely.

Q. Is there a maximum number of times a single person can donate (and/or nominate the same individual)?

A. You are welcome to donate more than $25, but we can only recognize each mentor relationship one time. So if you want to see your mentor get as much recognition as possible, encourage others to donate as well.